Students’ Research


Students of the Educational and Scientific Law Institute have repeatedly won prizes at the Ukrainian Olympiad on Criminal Law.


– 1st team place, 2nd and 3rd individual places (V.Maltseva, U.Kravchuk)


– 2nd team place, and 1st individual place (V. Boichuk)


– 2st team place, and three 2nd individual places (Yu. Hulian, V. Boichuk, O. Danyliuk)

At the Department of Criminal Law there is a Students’ Research Club ‘Actual Problems of Criminal Law Regulation’.

The club work is carried out in two areas:

1) Theoretical and practical issues of criminal law (Assoc. Prof. I. V. Kozych);

2) Actual problems of criminology and legal psychology (Assoc. Prof. O. Y. Petechel).

Students of Bachelor’s OS (2-4 years of study) and Master’s OS of the Educational and Scientific Law Institute and the 3rd year students of the Law Department of Ivano-Frankivsk Professional College are invited to participate in the club work.